A visual novel about a wannabe hero who is hated by those he wishes to protect.

As a child born into a world where humanity no longer reigns supreme, Max aspires to become a hero who will save the human race from the cusp of extinction. He wields great strength, which the people of his village view as the work of demons, in order to protect everyone, including those who resent him for doing so.

Forever by Max's side is his childhood friend and love interest,  Celeste. She does not share Max's outlook on life, nor does she condone his desire to become a hero. To her, humans are no better than the demons who oppress them, and she would happily leave their village in flames, if only Max would go with her.

These two friends go about their days trying to convince each other to see the light. Celeste wants Max to leave behind the villagers who fear and hate him, while Max himself tries to make Celeste understand that they are ultimately good people who are worth saving.

Will Max manage to convince Celeste that the human race is worth protecting? Or will Celeste prove to Max once and for all that his enemy is not demonkind, but the familiar faces of those who deny his humanity?

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