Blog 2023-12-23

Blog 2023-12-23

Has it really been 6 months already? It's hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner.

I guess that means it's time for an obligatory year-end update on what's been happening over the past 6 months.

Man And Elf on consoles

I mentioned in the last update that, with A Dragon's Treasure released on consoles, Man And Elf would be coming sooner or later.

Thankfully it was sooner! Man And Elf is now available on Switch and Playstation. Unfortunately, like A Dragon's Treasure, it is not available on Xbox as it was rejected by that store.

Links to the store pages can be found on the page below.

Sable’s Grimoire: Man And Elf
Sable’s Grimoire is a visual novel series set in a fantasy world filled with magic and monsters. It follows the adventures of Sable, a young human who wants to become a magic researcher, during his time at Amadronia Academy. Sable spends his everyday life at Amadronia surrounded by demi-humans, inc…

My Heart Grows Fonder on consoles

And by "on consoles" I unfortunately mean just one.

My Heart Grows Fonder is now available on Nintendo Switch. It was rejected on Playstation and Xbox due to the adult content.

Download links can be found on the page below.

My Heart Grows Fonder
Cassius, a jilted and bitter man, is reunited with his ex after a three year separation. As the two begin to cohabitate, he realizes that he may not be over her after all.

My Heart Grows Fonder v1.2.0

Accompanying the console release of MHGF is also a long overdue update.

v1.2.0 adds in a couple of new routes/endings, adding a fair amount of new content overall. This includes story content as well as 18+ content.

Max Massacre released on Steam

It feels weird to announce the release of a game which was already released years ago. But the important thing is that Max Massacre is finally on Steam.

In case you haven't already played it years ago, Max Massacre is a short, free visual novel set in a fantasy world of magic and monsters.

For more information about the game, and download links, you can visit the link below.

Max Massacre
A visual novel about a wannabe hero who is hated by those he wishes to protect.

Steam Deck verified

Since the last blog post, 3 more of my games have been Steam Deck verified: Max Massacre, Sickness, and Man And Elf.

I'd like to get all of my games verified, but unfortunately Steam Deck verification is still a Valve-driven process. ie. It involves waiting for Valve to pick games to test.

But hey, it'll happen eventually. One game at a time.

Sickness and Man And Elf both required minor GUI updates to get verified, so they each received a small update on Steam.

Max Massacre, on the other hand, underwent a GUI overhaul and had Steam Deck support specifically added prior to its release on Steam. Luckily that work paid off and the game was verified shortly after release, without any modifications needed.

Website updates

In the menu bar of this website there is now a link titled "Upcoming", which brings you to a page featuring any games which I'm currently working on.

This includes basic information about the game and/or its status, as well as rough ETAs.

There's also a new link titled "Socials/Links" which opens a page containing links to a few different store pages and my social media accounts.

Those same links can also be found at the very bottom of this website.

Circadian Loop

New game incoming! I've been working on another short, free, probably kinetic visual novel titled Circadian Loop.

I'll post more information about it closer to the release date, but the quick pitch is that this is a story of tragedy, violence, and maybe a little bit of time-travel.

Sable's Grimoire 2 store page

Last but not least, the store page for Sable's Grimoire 2 is now live on Steam!

Needless to say this is where most of my recent efforts have been focused, and will continue to be focused for the foreseeable future.

The actual release is still a long way off, so the screenshots, store description and such will likely change over time.

For now, however, the store page does show some of the new characters and locations which will appear in SG2.

The development of SG2 is going smoothly. The expected release date should be either 2024 or 2025, depending on how many routes the game launches with.

It's still early days for SG2, but I'll likely start posting new character bios, screenshots, etc. on Twitter and Mastodon starting next year.

For other updates, you can subscribe to the Steam community forum and add SG2 to your wishlist here:

Sable’s Grimoire 2 on Steam
Sable’s Grimoire 2 is a visual novel featuring monster girls in a magic academy setting. This is a sequel to the original Sable’s Grimoire game. It follows Sable’s studies of magic and his budding friendships with his demi-human classmates and teachers.