Streaming Policy

When it comes to streaming gameplay videos of my games, the rules are very simple:

-Link to the game in question. You should provide a link to either this website ( or the store page from which you purchased the game. Currently, my games are only sold on Steam and, so a link to the game's store page on either of those sites would be appropriate.

-Give credit where possible. For example, view the game's credits screen during the video, or list the names of the people shown in the credits in your video's description. For games with very long credits, quickly skimming through the credits is fine.

-Only play through a single route of the game in question, without going back and trying multiple choices along the way. ie. A straight playthrough without loading any previous saves, or going back to check out other choices. If the game only has one route/ending, this doesn't apply; just play through the entire game.

*Note: The above only applies for games in the My Games section of this website. ie. Games I personally created, commissioned and released. For games I was simply commissioned to work on, you would need to ask the creators or publishers of those particular games.