Blog 2023-06-05

Hello again, everyone. It's been 5 months since the last blog post, so I figured a new one was just about due.

So, what's been going on over the past 5 months?

An Adventurer's Gallantry released

If you haven't already checked it out, An Adventurer's Gallantry is a short, free, kinetic visual novel set in a fantasy world of swords and monsters.

For more information, and links to store pages, check out the game's web page here:

A Dragon's Treasure on consoles

Sable's Grimoire: A Dragon's Treasure has now been released on Switch and Playstation!

Unfortunately it was rejected by Xbox, so unless Microsoft change their mind (which seems unlikely) it will not be available there.

Links to the store pages can be found here:

Man And Elf on consoles?

It's the natural question to ask now that A Dragon's Treasure has been released on consoles. So before you ask: yes, this is being worked on. The game is currently in the process of being ported over.

I don't have an ETA on this. Also, like A Dragon's Treasure, it doesn't seem like it will be available on Xbox. But time will tell.

Max Massacre store page on steam

The store page for Max Massacre is now live on Steam.

It hasn't been released yet though, as I'll be making some technical changes to the game prior to release.

In particular, I'll be completely rewriting the GUI, adding new settings, controller bindings, and support for 1280x800 resolution (Steam Deck). Basically all of the new things I did for An Adventurer's Gallantry.

Sable's Grimoire v1.09.1

A minor update was released for Sable's Grimoire which fixes a missing terminal cast image, and updated the pause button on the music screen so it would pause the track instead of stopping it.

Also, on Steam, cloud sync now works cross-platform. This was only partially implemented previously.

Progress of My Heart Grows Fonder update

The remaining CGs for the new update are finally complete. This means all of the assets (art, music, etc.) needed for the update are done.

Now it's time to finish coding the new assets in, editing and testing the complete game, and general QA stuff before releasing the update.

Miscellaneous store page updates

First off is itch. I've finally gotten around to updating my developer page.



You can view the above page live here:

Next is Steam. While my developer page itself hasn't changed (not to a noteworthy degree, at least) I have finally gotten around to adding "franchise" links to my games.

These are the links you'll see above the game description, near the play/buy button, which link to the developer's other games.

I thought I'd added these ages ago, but it turns out I did it wrong.

On the Snap Store, aarch64 and armhf builds of my games are now available. Previously, only x86_64 builds were available. They have also switched to using lzo compression.

Lastly is flathub. Flathub now supports developer verification on the non-beta website. I've gone through the process of getting all of the games I have hosted there verified.

Updates to this website

A new menu has been added called "Patches". This links to 18+ patches and will link to any other patches if they come up in the future. This is to make it easier for people to find the 18+ patches in countries where Steam doesn't allow that kind of content.

The download links on the game pages on this website have all been updated to a (hopefully) more useful format. Previously they were just a bunch of logos images you could click on. Now they are each in a card-like layout and include the store name and supported platforms for that store.

This website has also moved hosting. Previously it was hosted through Github Pages, but this was problematic with Flathub verification (due to how Github Pages handled the .well-known directory) and sometimes with website updates not propagating. This website is now hosted through Cloudflare instead.