Bloom is an erotic yuri Visual Novel developed by RazzArt Studios.

The day before Lily starts her new job, she comes home to find that she  also has a new neighbor moving in next door. Inspired by the good things  finally happening in her life, Lily offers to help the girl, Eve, carry  her belongings to her apartment and unpack.

To Lily's surprise, she is completely swept away by Eve’s forward advances, and the two strangers wind up spending the night together in a passionate sexual encounter.

The next morning, Lily believes that on top of finding a new job, she has also found herself a girlfriend. Unfortunately, Eve sees things very differently. At the prospect of a suggested relationship with Lily, Eve coldly remarks “Romance is for suckers.”

Will Lily, a girl who clings to romantic ideals of love, be able to sort out her feelings towards Eve?

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